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We design our software for speed and ease of operation, allowing the maximum of customers to be served, essential at busy times on the shop floor.

Bleep's PC-based point-of-sale software is POS Control for Windows. Running on either modular or integrated PoS terminals, it provides a powerful and flexible alternative to traditional till-based systems.

POS Control

We design our point-of-sale software for speed and ease of operation whilst offering sophisticated functionality and CRM features at the touch of a button. This allows the maximum of customers to be served, essential at busy times on the shop floor whilst providing customers and staff with key sales and stock information.

We offer both touch screen and programmable keypad POS solutions, providing a powerful and flexible alternative to traditional cash register based systems.

Key Features

  • Ease of use
  • Stock holding and availability information at the touch of a button
  • Hotshot buttons for selling by product image
  • Currency conversion
  • Cash reconciliation
  • Customer accounts & detail capture
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Hold/recall
  • Integrated chip & pin
  • Customer deposits
  • Gift Receipts
  • Colour coded touch screen buttons

Retail Control

Retail Control by Bleep is a complete sales and stock management solution for retail businesses in diverse vertical markets. It gives control of all processes from the point of sale, to warehouse all the way through to head office for comprehensive analysis.

  • Broadband system communications - no hosting fees
  • Comprehensive Sales, stock, staff, supplier & customer reports
  • Automated system communications and report generation
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Mix & Match deals
  • Date range promotions
  • Forward stock ordering
  • Customer purchase analysis
  • Sage link
  • Recommended orders and stock transfers

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We started off as a small shop but in recent years we have seen the amount of stock we hold increase four-fold! I decided that we needed a stock management system. I wanted the best available and after doing some research I found that Bleep was just that. It's user friendly and makes mine and my staffs' live easier!