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News: Local buying Loyalty with Bleep EPOS

Were you aware Bleep's EPOS system has the functionality to allow you to log the geographical location of your customers?

"So what!" you may think. "how does this type of information help my business?"

Gathering intelligence of where your target audience reside allows you to identify areas where you may need to increase or decrease your marketing.

For example, you may discover you have a high volume of passing trade which only generates one off purchases. It could highlight that you need to increase local promotion of your retail outlet as well as introduce a loyalty scheme to generate repeat business.

This function isn't just limited to geographical information. Any type of intelligence can be collected from customers and inputted at a touch of a button - the possibilities are endless!

Remember, EPOS is not just about stock management and control. It provides the power to analyse your business and your customers, so you can make your retail outlet work smarter.

Call Bleep today to find out how you can start tracking your customers location or set up a loyalty scheme.