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News: Version 6 is here!

We are excited to announce that Bleep's Software Suite Version 6 is now available. Like all software companies we constantly strive to make the job easier for all retailers. As such we develop our software to make it more user friendly and add functionality that we feel that our retailers need and based upon feedback we receive.

Retail Control

  • A Sales Only package has been developed for those retailers for whom stock control is not vital or required and has a lower cost

  • Screen layouts have been redesigned to provide better navigation and greater visibility on higher resolution monitors. Larger fonts are used and screens that had lots of information on them have now been separated into tabs similar to web browsing. We have also added the ability for you to rename any of the fields on the screen to make them more unique to the business words / phrases that you use, if you don't refer to "Product no" but call it a "SKU" you can simply rename it to "SKU".

  • Many controls have been added to ensure that the possibility of user error is as minimal as possible.

  • More information can be edited en masse via our grid screens including both product and customer information.

  • Data from Hand Held Terminals can now be uploaded to head office via the PoS system in store.

  • More user definable filters have been added to our data files thereby allowing even greater reporting functionality than ever before, such as age demographic of customers, brands of products, types of products or any other business specific criteria you need.

  • Updating receipt headers & footers on the PoS can now be done centrally at Head Office. This enables users to have promotional messages on their receipts that can be changed/removed or updated at any time.

  • Touchscreen set up for PoS can now be previewed on Retail Control to ensure you have your touchscreen buttons where you want them, the colour you want them and working the way you want them!

  • Reporting functionality has also been improved.

PoS Control

  • Price Override function has been added at PoS for situations such as reduced items, which can be secured to certain personnel only.

  • User prompts on items can now require to be acknowledged by the cashier before continuing.

  • Automatic customer discounts can now be applied when accepting a loyalty card and the discount percentage is customer specific so that you can have different discount levels for different customers.

  • Integration to Ocius Sentinel by VeriFone now provides Point to Point Encryption standards to conform to new PCI regulations being introduced for all Chip and Pin card transactions in 2015.

  • And much much more...

The Bleep Online Shop

Bleep Online Shop is an "out of the box" eCommerce solution for retailers wishing to dip their toe into e-tailing, with minimum expenditure. The Bleep Online Shop is a customisable template website, where you can choose your own colour themes, add logos etc and start trading online relatively quickly.

Customer Loyalty & Data Capture Module

Why not add this module to collect vital purchasing intelligence from your regular customers. Export mailing lists for targeted and global mail shots and gather insightful intelligence from your customers buying habits. This module can be used in conjunction with loyalty cards, post code software or simply by name search. You will see where each customer is spending their money, whether in-store or online (subject eCommerce integration with Retail Control). Add value to in store purchases by setting up loyalty schemes with points rewards. Utilise the suite of Customer reports already available in Report Control and analyse spending habits.